Virtual Fun For Everyone!

Free Sessions for Virtual Teachers!

7pm UPDATE *** We have been overwhelmed with requests. Far more than expected. We have shut requests down until we process what has come in and see if we can handle anymore. We hope to do as many as possible but are limited as to how many we can offer. Please watch our FB page for updates. Thank you! 


As we enter a new phase in the lockdown and more restrictions have been put in place, we will be gifting 15 FREE virtual sessions to teachers in the Ottawa and surrounding area doing virtual learning for their students. Sessions will be gifted between January 15th, 2021 and February 15th, 2021. Events are 30-45 minutes long, can be geared to any grade level and are offered in both French and English. 

First come, first served.  

Are you a Teacher, Parent or Learning Pod? We've Got What You Need!

We appreciate that virtual learning and engagement can be challenging, the animals are here to help! Book your virtual session today to share the fun with our scaly, feathered and furry friends! 


Virtual events are held on Zoom and can be customized to fit your needs. Choose from our list of customizable add-ons, like The Zoo Crew Kahoot! Games, worksheets and more.



30 mins $60 + HST 

60 mins $120 + HST 


What do we do?

The Zoo Crew is proud to offer services in French and English. We love any and every excuse to share the animal love. 



Birthday Parties
Senior Outreach

Toddler Programs
High-School Emotional Support Programs
Daycares and EDPs
Support Groups
Mommy and Me Gathering
...and SO Much More!      


Virtual Camp!

Want to join a camp session from the comfort of your own home? Join us virtually for out first ever Virtual Camps! 

Have an at-home camp experience with our Camp-In-A-Box and Animal Class programs!


Let your kid give your dog the best time ever with our Virtual Junior Dog Trainer programs!

March Break 2021 OPEN! 

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