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All of the animals are cared for privately. Most of our pets has been previously owned and were in need of a new forever home. They receive daily contact in order to ensure that they are completely comfortable in a party setting.


Our animals are followed closely by their veterinarian to ensure they remain not only healthy but also do not show signs of stress. Any animal who is not completely comfortable in our program is re-homed to provide the best environment for them.


We enjoyed your ZOO Crew program very much.Children were engaged all that time during the performance and loved to touch and pet the animals and they also love to learn about them as much as they can understand. They asked when are you coming back????!!!!!

Day care provider, Ottawa

You were fantastic.  The children and adults had a wonderful time. You made the kids laugh and you made them feel comfortable with the animals.  You made some of them even become brave with such things as snakes. Thank you for a wonderful experience.  I have recommend you to many of my friends.
Beverly, Ottawa

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