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Professional Facilities

Schools, Day Cares, Camps, Retirement Homes
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The Zoo Crew is happy to offer a wide variety of hands-on educational programs for all ages! Some of the programs we offer at this time include: 


1 hour show. Ideal group size 10-30 participants to allow for touching of all animals 

This program is tailored to JK and SK age groups. We will show 6-7 animals and follow a story based presentation. We will work on engagement by doing a few small problem-solving activities during the presentation. The presentations will follow our YOU-nique program that is all about empowering what makes you unique.

Show and Activity Stations: 

2 hour minimum with groups of 20-30 participants per group. Can be broken into 1-hour intervals with a larger group.

This format includes 2 presenters. Our activity stations are all focused around the field of veterinary medicine so would include things like listening to a heartbeat on a stethoscope, x-ray viewing stations, enrichment building and animal race, bandaging and pet first aid, etc.

Show format: 

1 hour-long intervals and can be broken up as needed

This format can work with any sized group but the group size will dictate our ability to have all the participants touch all the animals. With a group of over 30 participants, we require a second handler so that we can have 2 animals circulating at once to be sure everyone has the opportunity to touch if they want to.



Regular weekday (Monday to Friday) program costs start at $235 + HST 

School Boards - contact us budget friendly program options!


Travel fees are distance based calculated from our Osgoode location.

  • Zone 1: up to 35km from our location – no travel charge.

  • Zone 2: 36 to 50 km from our location – $35 +HST travel charge.

  • Zone 3: 51 to 70 km from our location – $45 +HST travel charge.

  • Zone 4: 71 to 90 km from our location – $55 +HST travel charge.

For more information or to request custom programming to suit your curriculum please contact us.



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