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Day care centers and schools

Everything is better when you add animals

In Class Programs

The Zoo Crew is available for daytime programs for Schools (J.K. - Grade 8) at Pre-Schools, Childcare Centers, Nurseries, and Montessori Schools. Also great for Girl Guides & Scout Troops.

These specially designed programs, geared towards young children, focus on giving the children the opportunity to hold and learn about live animals while teaching the importance of being gentle and respectful to all living creatures.


Schools age children will enjoy our variety of Themes which allow them to explore different areas of the animal world

  • Animal Hide and Seek - Camouflage and Natural Defences

  • Habitats and Adaptations

  • Animal CSI - Animals Around Us

  • Basic Nutrition of Small Animals

  • Nocturnal Vs Dinural

  • Intro to Pet First Aid

The cost of a 1 hour event starts at  $255 plus event travel fee  + HST 


Travel fees are distance based calculated from our Osgoode location.

  • Zone 1: up to 35km from our location.– no travel charge.

  • Zone 2: 36 to 50 km from our location – $25 +HST travel charge.

  • Zone 3: 51 to 70 km from our location – $35 +HST travel charge.

  • Zone 4: 71 to 90 km from our location – $45 +HST travel charge.

For more information or to request custom programming to suit your curriculum please contact us.



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