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Introducing - Crash the Duck

This summer we had the pleasure of spending time with our camp program at TBG Petting Farm and there we met Pip who opened our eyes to the joys of ducks. The idea of taking a duck to visit with seniors and children took root and we started researching. Turns out there are diapers for ducks who travel. Who knew??

We started from square one with an incubator and eggs from our beloved Pip and from it came CRASH. We are going to document this amazing process right from the beginning, diapering and all, but here he is in all his ducky cuteness.

Our company owner Linda lives on a farm so don't worry that Crash will not get a chance to de a duck while he is out spreading joy with the rest of the Zoo Crew animals.

Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram at ZooCrewOttawa and come back here to watch this little joy grow and hear all about his Ottawa adventures making friends and quaking around town.

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