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Learning Pod Programs 

The Zoo Crew hosts camp in the Ottawa area through Pawsitively Pets, a Toronto based organization. We take advantage of the powerful camp database website used by Pawsitively Pets to secure all camper data so you will be directed to the Pawsitively Pets website for all camper registrations. 
See our COVID-19 Health and Safety HERE 

Homeschooling or Pod Learning this academic year? We've got you covered!

Have us come to you, or come see us for customizable and educational fun surrounded by animals.

Check out our themes and pricing below. 


45-minute program 

- At your home or location: $200

- At our location: $175


60-minute program

- At your home or location: $220

- At our location: $195


2 hour program 

- At your home or location: $295

- At our location: $270


All fees are subject to HST. Discounts will be applied for booking 3 or 5 programs.



Sick Pets? Let's be Vets! 

What do I Eat? Feeding and Nutrition!

Body Coverings - Animal Adaptations

The Science of Getting Dirty, and Clean!

How do I Move? Fly, Slither, Hop

Animal Habitats - Engineering

How do I Play? Fun is Important!

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