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The Zoo Crew hosts camp in the Ottawa area through Pawsitively Pets, a Toronto based organization. We take advantage of the powerful camp database website used by Pawsitively Pets to secure all camper data so you will be directed to the Pawsitively Pets website for all camper registrations. 
Registration open for all our camp programs.
No HST on our camp programs!  

March Break Camp 

This program is perfect for our younger campers who cannot wait to do Mini Vet.  We will explore a different veterinary topic each day with age appropriate activities. 

This program takes place at 5721 Osgoode Main St, Osgoode ON (Below Osgoode Vet Services)

Camp hours are 9am to 4pm. Extended care from 8am to 9am ($7.50/day) and 4pm to 6pm ($12/day) available. We will split our campers into 2 groups based on age and adjust programming accordingly. 


Vet Explorers Campers 5- 12 years old 

March 16-20  pick your days – $65/day


Each theme will be adjusted to be age appropriate. Along with lots of love from our onsite animals it is sure to be a day to remember. 


Monday - We will explore the basics of Pet First Aid and learn all about the steps to follow in pet care! Campers will get the opportunity to test and practice the skills taught. 


Tuesday - Campers will get to learn all the wonders of medical laboratories! Microscopes and  X-Rays galore. We will learn how to look at microscopic cells and see what animals look like on the inside. 


Wednesday - Campers will get to perform their own mock-procedures on Procedure Day. We will learn all about the steps to follow before, during and after  a “medical” procedure - and do them ourselves!


Thursday - We will be exploring how to perform health assessments and pet exams! From the tip of the nose all the way down to the tail. What can you tell by using your eyes, ears, nose and fingers? 

Friday -  All different species and all different bodies. We will be learning all about animal anatomy and the differences between species from 4 legs, 2 legs, wings and no legs!

All camp registration is on The Pawsitively Pets Kids Camp Website. You will be redirected to the Pawsitively Pets website when you click register now.